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Developing BrainML for Sharing Neurobiological Data

BrainML is a developing initiative to provide a standard XML metaformat for exchanging neuroscience data. It focuses on layered definitions built over a common core in order to support community-driven extension. BrainML when complete will serve as:

  • an open and non-formal functional ontology for neuroscience
  • a data description language for interoperability among neuroscience resources
  • an interface for exchange of data, metadata, queries, tools, and models
  • a substrate for describing the contents of journal articles
  • a link to other XML-based description languages for scientific interchange

This project has Human Brain Project/Neuroinformatics funding via MH57153 from NIMH and NINDS.

For more information on this project, see BrainML.org.

Creating Databases for Storing Neurophysiological Data

A public database for sharing neurophysiology data. Our cortical neurophysiology database project uses a data model that is a subset of our Common Data Model for neuroscience and biophysical data archiving and exchange. Every component of the Common Data Model is a member of one of five superclasses (Method, Model, Reference, Data, Entity) that together span the complex domain of contemporary neurophysiology. The evolving model is designed to become as well an open extensible standard for describing and sharing data models, metadata, and dataset formats of a wide range of neuroscience data resources: a blueprint for neuroscience data exchange.

This project has Human Brain Project/Neuroinformatics funding via MH57153 from NIMH and NINDS.

For more information on this project, see NeuroDatabase.org.

Developing Computational Neuroinformatics Tools for Analyzing Spike Train Data

Our work in computational neuroinformatics is a component of the NIH's Human Brain Project, funded by NIMH. To advance our understanding of neural coding, we are developing a suite of information-theoretic algorithms as public resources and for application to data in our neurophysiology databases via a linked dedicated computational array. The project complements our development at neurodatabase.org of searchable neurophysiology databases containing spike train and other microelectrode data and allied descriptive metadata including recording site, technique, and stimulus. To aid data sharing and interoperability among neurodatabases, we are creating BrainML, an XML-based multilevel data description suite for neuroscience.

This project has Human Brain Project/Neuroinformatics funding via MH68012 from NIMH, NINDS, NIA, NIBIB and NSF.

For more information on this project, see NeuroAnalysis.org.

Creating A Neuroscience Information Framework for Resource Discovery and Integration

The Laboratory of Neuroinformatics is currently leading a consortium including researchers at Yale University, University of California at San Diego, George Mason University, and the California Institute of Technology to develop the initial version of a Neuroscience Information Framework. This framework, part of the NIH Neuroscience Blueprint initiative, will be an open, publicly accessible inventory that will enable neuroscientists working across broad sets of questions, areas, and scales to become acquainted with the full spectrum of web-accessible neuroscience data, knowledge, and analytic resources. It is being developed open source.

This project has funding via contract HHSN271200577531C from the NIH, administered through NIDA.

For more information on this project, see NeuroGateway.org.


Previous project members:

  • Robert DeBellis
  • Steven M. Erde, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Youping Xiao, Ph.D.

Related projects involve:

  • Dan Brown and the staff of Bruxton Corporation
  • Ron Elber, Ph.D.
  • Keith Purpura, Ph.D.
  • Simon Schultz, Ph.D.
  • Ramin Zabih, Ph.D.

A site devoted to developing BrainML as a comprehensive meta-format for exchanging neurophysiological data.

A public neurophysiology database. Users may access the database, contribute to it, and compare user data to published data.

To support and encourage collegial, enabling, and rewarding data sharing for neuroscience and beyond, the Laboratory of Neuroinformatics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University has established this site.

Weill Medical College of Cornell University
The Laboratory of Neuroinformatics is housed in the medical school of Cornell University.

NIMH Informatics/Human Brain Project
The Laboratory of Neuroinformatics receives its funding through the Human Brain Project.

Bruxton Corporation
A company with which the Laboratory of Neuroinformatics is collaborating with to develop tools for neuroscience data transfer between acquisition programs, neurodatabases, and analysis programs.

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